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SPEEDLOGISTIK today is an unic interlocutor for all logistics and distribution services, transport and shipment both national and international, which is able to offer to his customers the following characteristics:EXPERIENCE – PROFESSIONALITY – COMPETENCE – QUALITY – RELIABILITY – FLEXIBILITY – EXCLUSIVITY – SECURITY.

SPEEDLOGISTIK is Your “Exclusive Logistics and Distribution” Partners!

In 1985, the Colcera family founded the Speed Service company, and then, with the approval of Express 24H services in Italy, it became a major player in land, sea and air transport through the concentration of international traffic and a network of reliable partners. In the following years, starting from the traditional warehousing service, it has also entered integrated logistics services, including personalized management of the customer’s individual product units. There so it has been made adaptable to advanced technology of goods registration systems. For this reason, it has become an autonomous and specialized company for the developments in the sector and provider of the logistics services needed. In December 2016, Speed Service International and EsseElle – Services and Transport gave life to SPEEDLOGISTIK after a corporate merge.


Experience and Reliability


Any process of SPEEDLOGISTIK is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001


SPEEDLOGISTIK Srl, with a view to full satisfaction of Customers’ expectations and needs, updates and implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. Considers full respect for the physical integrity and health of workers as a fundamental element of its corporate policy. To this end, it is committed, by providing human, instrumental and economic resources, to pursuing the goals of improving the safety and health of workers as an integral and strategic part of its activities with respect to the more general goals of the Company. To achieve its goals, SPEEDLOGISTIK Srl believes it maintains an Occupational Safety and Health Management System that complies with ISO 45001:2018. To this end it identifies:

What requirements for success for Quality purposes:

  • The customer as the main reference of its actions, together with compliance with the legislation in force and applicable mandatory regulations;
  • The ability to translate customer and stakeholder needs and expectations into clear and challenging goals for the staff involved;
  • Success as a starting point for achieving new goals;
  • The identification of professional figures capable of feeling part of a solid and cohesive work group, and not mere collaborators;
  • Business organization “thought out” and managed by processes as an element in achieving high performance;
  • A marked attention to market changes in order to identify the best professional and employment opportunities;
  • The promotion and use of risk-based thinking;
  • The constant and responsible commitment of management as a reference and guide in the implementation of its projects and the pursuit of its goals..

For the purposes of Occupational Safety and Health, the company is committed to:

  • Operate in compliance with all applicable legal requirements for occupational safety and health, as well as voluntarily subscribed principles, with respect to both its own workers and third parties;
  • Protect occupational safety and health by identifying hazards, assessing risks and taking appropriate prevention, protection and control measures kept up to date;
  • Prevent accidents and ensure a healthy work environment by encouraging and incentivizing staff participation;
  • Ensure the improvement of management and its own occupational safety and health performance.

Deeming it indispensable:

  • The clear definition of tasks and responsibilities in one’s Organization;
  • To spread, share and consolidate the safety culture of its workers, collaborators and third parties in general;
  • Train, inform and raise awareness of their roles and responsibilities in occupational safety and health and involve workers through direct consultation or through their representatives;
  • Improve internal and external communication processes and cooperation among various internal and external company resources in order to increase the effectiveness of occupational safety and health management;
  • Control and monitoring so that needs emerging in the course of activities are met with speed, effectiveness and diligence.

The management of SPEEDLOGISTIK Ltd. makes a commitment to stick to its improvement principles and to translate its goals into measurable and periodically reviewed results.

All staff and collaborators are invited to provide their constructive input by making suggestions for improving the way activities are carried out and managed.

SPEEDLOGISTIK Srl makes this document known and disseminates it to all personnel and stakeholders.

Fossò, 30.04.2020



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