The transport services terms in Italy are subject to the adjustment on the gas oil costs in consideration of the average monthly price increase compared to value of the same at the indicate date on the transport contract stipulated by the customer. The index is calculated by reference to the fuel average monthly cost based on the data given from the Ministry of Economic Development.. CLICK HERE.

The terrestrial transport services terms in Europe are subject to adaptation on the gas oil cost based on the indicated values from the principal european source of price measurement of the Diesel fuel as reported on the Oil Bulletin of the European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport. The index is calculated on the basis of the data pubblication dates, referring to the Diesel fuel cost of the previous two months (example: the monthly average fuel price of January will be used to determine the fuel surcharge rate to apply in March). CLICK HERE.

The air transport rates are subject to a targeted supplement based on U.S Gulf Coast Jet Fuel Prices communicated from the US Department of energy for the previous month of two months the fuel adjustment. The Fuel Surcharge is monthly updated and is applied from the first day of the month. Please contact the shipment office to get clarifications or updates concerning the application of this supplement. Hava taşımacılığı ücretleri, yakıt ayarlamasının önceki iki ayı için ABD Enerji Bakanlığı’ndan bildirilen “ABD Körfez CLICK HERE.

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