WMS: SPEEDLOGISTIK integrates into complex system optimizations thanks to Warehouse Management System operations like primary warehouse and management functions such as quantity and storage. Thanks to the highly calibrated programming we keep the administrative effort and costs at minimum. Together, we create the system that effectively suits with the needs of our customers.

Storage Characteritics

Your products are placed in the warehouse in mapped special areas until the quantity is agreed. The opportunity to request a Private Area is also among our services. Shelves, goods lift, warehouse equipped with cold air in temperature and humidity control. Thanks to various tools of different products we can handle them in the most professional way. Our warehouse is equiped with the HACCP system and Pest Controlprocedures. We protect and preserve your products meticulously.

Stock Management and Periodic Inventories

Warehouse stocks management in FIFO mode (the first product entered is the first to come out), LIFO (the last product entered is the first to come out), FEFO (the first product in expiry is the first to come out). Different inventory types in real time with data response according to the specific customer necessities.

Quarantine Area

Non compliants products management in Quarantine Area.

Reassortment and Management and Stock-Post-Sale

Separate warehouse for handling returns, dedicated production launches and stock. Your customers or agents will be able to check online, including by photographic display of the product, for stock availability for immediate replenishment that does not draw on in-stock resources from the supply-chain and intended to meet customer orders for the current season.

Tooling Process
  • Assembly and packaging of the products.
  • Neutral or personalized package services.
  • Cellophanatura application to improve the security and goods stability.
  • Disponibility of other tools on processing to agree with the customer.
Only Serial Management Products - Number Control

Goods logistics management based on the customer specifics needs: by pallet, by box (cardboard), by single unit, by destination, by item, size, variant, reference, production lot or deadline. All the logigistics processing cycle is based on a management system with article-product identification “single serial number or Unique Serial: every single item remains separate and unique and always perfectly traceable (Number Control of every single goods unit).

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