All goods are received and handled in our warehouse with care and expertise until they are delivered back to your warehouses or directly to end customers.

Once the incoming goods have been checked and cataloged, we carry out the processing required by the customer.

The experience of 50 years of work in the service of leading companies, national and international, in the Footwear and Fashion industry.

Quality Control and Returns Reconditioning


  • Quality Control, Pre and Post-Sales
  • Size and Technical Data Check
  • Defect Control
  • Finishing and Ennobling: trimming, polishing, brushing, application of corrective creams and waxes, general cleaning, upper thread burning, imperfection repair, application of reviving/opacifiers/anti-mildew/sole protectors/water repellents, treatment of dented, striped, puffy, creased and exposed carding leather, treatment of oxidized eyelets and accessories, replacement of laces and lacing.
  • Packaging, white paper and stick application, tags, pendants, pictograms.

Reconditioning is Saving and Enhancing the Product.

Sample Management


  • Receiving Unpaired Samples
  • Technical Data Control
  • Single Shoe Entrance Registration
  • Item Identification and Left/Right Foot
  • Print Barcode Identifier
  • Placement in Mapped Warehouse Cells
  • Pairing Processing
  • Shoe Picking and Quality Control
  • Pairing and Packaging Samples

Sample Management is Saving and Enhancing Product.

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