Entrust the supply-chain management, shipping and distribution specialists. You can focus on your Core Activities and Product Management by using advanced technology together with unique opportunities.

To Optimize The Management Cost

In that way, you can always be at the forefront.

Operation of “Zero Mistakes”

With the flexibility in the actual production and handling levels of the goods, structural costs are eliminated thanks to the fixed personnel which is intended to be removed.

To Enhance the Core Business

We offer a maximum control in every logistics and distribution process thanks to the registration and identification systems of products used for the single unit.

Infrastructure Security

Rely on logistics and shipment professionals for technical and residual phase of your production cycle.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Our warehouse structures are equipped with intrusion, fire-fighting and robbery systems with access codes to the storage room with 24 hours of video surveillance.

Full - Control On The Products

Computer systems and high technology facilities suitable at the single customer’s specific needs. Our customers can access to their shipments via our E-Service platform located in our “Customer Area”, anytime and anywhere. It is also possible to view, track and get information about your posts in real time. In the logistics process, you can see exactly the minute/second that a single unit of goods is entered, on which pallet it is placed, which shelf is located on, loaded, or packed. If your shipments are ready for the shipment, documentations will follow after in order to make the deliveries in a professional way. The information you will find on our e-Service platform is instantly updated and presented for your use.


Together, we design the most suitable logistics process for your company’s needs, and respond to all kinds of services in a timely manner. We produce solutions for all your needs with the possibilities of Adaptive Logistics that can meet your real needs.

Analysis and Consulting Services

We analyze your business, examine your service requirements, and identify the best and the most efficient logistics solutions. We design and implement the entire logistics and distribution process with you, specifically for you and for your company.

Service Planning

We plan and test every single service operation to be sure that what we have proposed you.

Planning The Storage

After analyzing your logistics and distribution needs we plan the services you need in detail. Then we determine and set up the warehouse space to be allocated according to your business. Taking measurements of areas, storage, shelves & containers for processing are positioned as required. In a short term, a special “logistics area” is dedicated for your company.



Separate management for goods receipt, production and returns, with the control of both Barcode and RFid entry of verification. Maximum precision and traceability thanks to real time online data feedback.

Supplier Management Order

Our logistics management systems is capable to handle all your orders at the beginning of the season and as soon as they are have produced. This allow us to take delivery control of each goods entering the logistics base with the transfered data.

Merchandise Traceability

From the first moment the products reach our warehouses, our management systems keep the products in line with the production date and origin which can be defined according to your needs.

Quantity and Quality Control

All returned goods with any discrepancies are divided and checked in terms of both quantity and quality The inspecting and packaging of the product are also among the services we offer.

Merchandise Status

The integrity of each individual carton is checked meticulously and according to standardized procedures that include immediate communication of non-conformities to the customer, placement of the goods in Quarantine Area and the awarding of a “GOODS STATUS” to the product in storage.

Barcode and RFid system

Both Barcode and RFID tag reading systems can be used for incoming goods acceptance. Labeling on incoming products micro-label supply is also available for services, data transfer and radiofrequency logistics management.

Management Of Returns

Acceptance of the returned goods to the warehouse, keeping separate records from the goods coming from the supplier and repackaging is ensured after quality controls.


Order management of picking with scheduling deadlines and priorities or by individual order, control and verification of outgoing goods, packaging custom-made. Maximum service flexibility.

Customer Order Management

Planning sales periods and instant shipment tracking based on orders coming from customers.


Each product coming to our warehouse is carefully stored and made ready for the shipment. Products which require refinement can be also processed without any extra handling process.


Regardless of the product entered, it is handled separately or together, and it is repeated according to the needs. This fact ensures also the maximum flexibility in repackaging possibilities.


We propose a tailor made packaging services for our customers and we are able to protect the goods efficently when they Came out from our warehouse. We offer different kind of packagings: Wine-Box, Fill-Air, Packaging, Cellophaning, Labeling and Packaging Customizations.

Shipment Management Order

Ended the picking process, the goods have the possibility to be sent same-day or to be put in the storage, in the Shipping Area, which is available to be used according the programmed deadline delivery or for which you are waiting to receive information from your customers.

Transport Documents

Development and printing of the shipment labels, of consignment note and P.O.D. (Proof of Delivery).


SPEEDLOGISTIK is also a transport company that undertakes shipments on behalf of third partiesto perform the distribution service it offers and ensure the circulation of the goods he operates. As a company that establishes and manages the shipping network, it cooperates with courier companies at national and international levels.The Shipping Service is reliable and safe in Europe and around the world. Our customers can trust us and see the difference of our service quality thanks to a company that has been serving for over 50 years and the professionalism of its dynamic staff. Even in various items such as Fashion, Medical, Food & Beverage , we respond to the needs of our customers efficiently. Together, we evaluate and realize the most suitable transportation options. All these processes instantaneously are shared with our customers and there so offer a maximum transparency.

24H Distribution and Priority

Delivery guaranteed service in 24 hours in all provincial capitals with a priority option within 10:30 or 12:00.

C.O.D. Service.

Goods management services on the mark with telephone notice to the customer before the delivery is done.

ALL-RISK Insurance Services

Personalized insurance solutions according to the customer needs aiming to offer maximum protection.

Tracking On-Line and P.O.D.

Possibility to verify on-line the shipment status: came out from the warehouse, forward phase and sorting, delivery to the customer.

It is also provided the goods delivery proof to the address on request.

Special Delivery

GDO delivery services, supermarket, fairs and/or authorities, ports and customs, or to privates.

Delivery by appointment, by time slot, with telephone notice, e-mail or sms.

Inventory and Returns Management

In case of the return of your products, we will inform you instantly necessary details about your product.

We share and provide repackaging and shipping when it is necessary.

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