Our E-SERVICE portal provides Control and Management Services of the Logistics Services, Transport and Shipment. In every part of the world you are, 365 days a year, you’ll be able to access to the CUSTOMER AREA of our website, you’ll be able to use the following services:


As the Speedlogistik Customer Relationship Management, perfectly adaptable to the customer necessities, to the registrations of every information and contact with the final customer and to match with the Customer Care Services offer by our Company. The Front-Office Service!

B2B Services

B2B Services are particulary useful to the agents, to the representatives or to the final customer to conclude B2B sales, generally on stockor coming from resold merchandise. The SPEEDLOGISTIK management and integrated with specifc data of the marketed products with the customer allows to the users to:

  • Consult the product list with the relatives information of detail, with also the possibility of picture insertion.
  • Verify in real time the warehouse goods disponibility.
  • Make the final order of goods.
  • Assigned goods which are awaiting for validation and order confirmation from the main base.
  • Extrapolate static data.
On-Line Store

Our logistics is first of all YOUR store. In every moment you’ll be able to see where exaclty is your package, your pair of shoes, your purse or fashion accessory, your household appliance, your wine bottle and any other unit of merchandise is entrusted us for the management. You will exaclty know in which area of the warehouse, in which pallet or shelfis your product located You’ll be able to see when the product is entered into the warehouse, when it has been positioned, if it has been moved, if it has been withdrawn and if it is already packed, if it is ready to be sent. And when it has arrived at its destination from your customer, even after several months or years, by entering the product reference data, you will still be able to know that that unit of goods had entered logistics from that given supplier, at 4:52 p.m. on May 5, 2017, that it was placed on pallet number 518 for 23 days, and then processed and shipped on May 28, 2017.

B2C Services / E-commerce

B2C services are services for the companies that want to undertake or to improve the on-line sell of their own products, taking advantage of:

  • On-line Store.
  • Assistance to the realization of an internet website that integrates sell services with those of the goods logistics and shipments.
  • Accepting purchase orders synchronization on the customer website with warehouse and product, and guarantee of actual availability.
  • Orders evasion and processing from the E-commerce customer platform.
  • Communication of delivery notices, numbers of Tracking, Distribution services with PIN CODE (delivery with recipient’s personal code).
Research, Statistics, and Inventories

Possibility to make product research with various filter, to extrapolate data and to perform statistics, possibility to get in real time warehouse inventories and goods status in different kind of formats.

Shipment Tracking

Possibilty to verify the shipment status in every phase until the goods delivered to the final address.

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